Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

January 2016

The "extreme" holiday season is over, gift wrapping is complete, and everyone got what they wanted, right!  One thing that didn't go quite right is our resident/family Christmas party had to be abandoned due to an illness outbreak, some of which was in-house and also due to some within the community that we didn't want in-house.  Because of the availability of the entertainment, it couldn't be rescheduled, at least in December, so Karen Berger is still looking into something, but it definitely will not be a Christmas event.

In keeping with the continuing influenza "season", beginning about October – November and not ending until about May, we want to continue with our preventative measures.  We have vaccinated all residents and staff.  We do have a couple of staff members who are not vaccinated so they are required to wear masks when in resident areas during appropriate times, or if any staff member becomes symptomatic.  During these times we similarly will ask that any unvaccinated visitors mask, covering both the mouth and nose, when in the building.  We will post signs whenever appropriate due to the reported incidence of influenza in our geographic area and appreciate everyone's assistance in following their guidance.

Of course, we encourage EVERYONE to be vaccinated but we also understand there are a few who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions.  As it takes a couple of weeks after vaccination to become effective, it's important to obtain the vaccination now or as soon as possible.  Please remember to wash hands often, use hand sanitizers frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, etc., both for one's own safety but also for our residents, most of whom have compromised health issues.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

We have had numerous individual resident isolations, and even isolation of various sections of the facility to prevent transmission.  Cleaning and disinfecting is at an all-time high and staff, especially housekeeping, are to be commended for their diligence.  Additionally, some staff have been equally blessed with these symptoms and, whether officially diagnosed or not, have been restricted from work causing both their own hardship and for those who have to "fill in" for those hours during their absence.  Again, many thanks go out to the staff.

Some have inquired about the removal of the aquarium, but as many of you already know the aquarium requires a multiple number of pieces of electrically operated equipment and power strips, multiple outlet devices, and timers are not allowed for use in a nursing home.  Therefore, the installation was deemed out of compliance and subsequently was removed. 

As has been suggested previously, we are including a listing of the employees who will celebrate Evansville Manor employment dates during this coming month. We, therefore, want to acknowledge all of those employees accordingly, and you will find a listing of those personnel for the current month in the attached.  Congratulations to all.  We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to us and our residents.

Welcome to our journey toward spring, with winter starting in mid to late December, and the days now getting longer.  Right On!