Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

February 2016

It's February, and a month with no major holidays…unless you want to count Ground Hog's Day.  And why not, anything to move on toward spring! 

In our local geographic area, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, has been the focal point of this celebration because of that city's locally famous groundhog named Jimmy, who has been the "official predictor" of the spring event.  However, you may recall in last year's news, the Mayor of Sun Prairie was bitten on the cheek or ear by Jimmy causing some reconsideration of the future of this auspicious event (cowardly mayor!). 

To add to the above saga, however, due to the publicity generated, regulators (don't you just love them) realized that perhaps some investigatory intervention was called for by some governmental agency (I don't know which one for sure).  Low and behold, it was found that rules and regulations were being abrogated and enforcement action was necessary.  A wildlife animal, Jimmy the groundhog, was being held in captivity, no doubt against his will.  Not only that, but the captivity in which he was held was not licensed to contain wildlife and, therefore, immediate remedial action had to be taken that resulted in the pardoning of Jimmy and his subsequent release into the wild (where he is no longer sheltered, fed, watered, or cared for). 

I don't know if any sanctions were imposed upon any of the cohorts who had imprisoned our poor Jimmy, or for that matter, the City of Sun Prairie, but a significant dilemma has yet to be resolved.  The city now has no groundhog (I would like to offer one of those that hang around my house).  But what's more, they can't find one as it now must be obtained ONLY from a licensed wildlife refuge, or whatever such environments are called.  And, none as of yet have been found…I believe they are also concerned of a replay of the mayor being bit again.  At any rate, I've heard they are contemplating other options, perhaps someone who will be dressed as a groundhog (hoping he won't bite, I guess).  You'll have to keep an eye on the newspaper to hear "the rest of the story".

Sorry for my digression.  I enjoy such "important events", especially when political and regulatory issues are involved.  We in nursing homes live in one of the most intense regulatory environments so I guess that's why I enjoy the humor of the above (feel free to pity me).

In keeping with the continuing influenza "season" that began about October – November but not ending until about May, we want to continue with our preventative measures.  We have vaccinated all residents and staff.  We do have a couple of staff members who are not vaccinated so they are required to wear masks when in resident areas during appropriate times, or if any staff member becomes symptomatic.  During these times we similarly will ask that any unvaccinated visitors mask, covering both the mouth and nose, when in the building.  We will post signs whenever appropriate due to the reported incidence of influenza in our geographic area and appreciate everyone's assistance in following their guidance.

Of course, we encourage EVERYONE to be vaccinated but we also understand there are a few who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions.  As it takes a couple of weeks after vaccination to become effective, it's important to obtain the vaccination now or as soon as possible.  Please remember to wash hands often, use hand sanitizers frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, etc., both for one's own safety but also for our residents, most of whom have compromised health issues.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


Some have inquired about the removal of the aquarium, but as many of you already know the aquarium requires a multiple number of pieces of electrically operated equipment and power strips, multiple outlet devices, and timers are not allowed for use in a nursing home.  Therefore, the installation was deemed out of compliance and subsequently was removed.

One thing that has come up recently is that a couple of residents wish to hang a quilt on the wall of their room.  However, we are required to maintain a fire safe environment and like draperies and such, these quilts would have to be made of inherently flame retardant materials and labeled accordingly.  That's probably not practical so there is an alternative.  They can be sprayed (outside the facility) with a flame retardant chemical that meets certain specifications.  Additionally, the quilt would need to again be treated at whatever interval is required by the manufacturer of the product, as well as after laundering.  A copy of the chemical's labeling or specification sheet needs to be attached to the back of the quilt along with the date, time, and name & signature of the person responsible for the maintenance of the retardant application.  A record of any additional application of the treatment must be documented on the labeling and it is imperative that retreatment be made timely in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Welcome to our journey toward spring, although I do enjoy some winter as well.  Hey, and the days are getting longer.  I do enjoy that.