Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

April 2016

Spring has arrived, as has Daylight Savings time, and even Easter has already been celebrated.  Now, on to summer!

I'm writing this from Lynchburg, VA, where I'm attending high school basketball tournament play that includes my 16 year old grandson who now lives in North Carolina.  We did this last year and enjoyed seeing him play, which we greatly miss after they moved from Wisconsin.  Of course, it's also a time to reconnect with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson as well.

The incidence of influenza still has remained low so far this year but it is reported that there has been a slight "uptick" in reported cases of late.  So it pays to be careful.  In keeping with the continuing influenza "season" that began about October – November but not ending until about May, we want to continue with our preventative measures.  We have vaccinated all residents and staff.  We do have a couple of staff members who are not vaccinated so they are required to wear masks when in resident areas during appropriate times, or if any staff member becomes symptomatic.  During these times we similarly will ask that any unvaccinated visitors mask, covering both the mouth and nose, when in the building.  We will post signs whenever appropriate due to the reported incidence of influenza in our geographic area and appreciate everyone's assistance in following their guidance.

Of course, we encourage EVERYONE to be vaccinated but we also understand there are a few who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions.  As it takes a couple of weeks after vaccination to become effective, it's important to obtain the vaccination now or as soon as possible.  Please remember to wash hands often, use hand sanitizers frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, etc., both for one's own safety but also for our residents, most of whom have compromised health issues.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Although all of our residents have also received the pneumonia vaccine, the CDC now recommends that everyone over age 65 receive another, Pneumovax 23, vaccination and regulators have advised that we will be cited if such is not done.  Therefore, this will be done shortly, if not already done by the time you receive this newsletter.

Regulators also have indicated an elevated privacy concern of photography in facilities.  Of course, we have had a number of such policies governing employees and protecting health information during care conferences for all attendees but I don't think we have expressed concerns of visitors and families.  The following has been issued to us regarding visitors and family members and we need to ensure that photography, etc., is very limited by everyone:
To protect the safety of residents/patients/clients, it is recommended that entities insure that accepted appropriate use and the unaccepted inappropriate use of personal handheld devices in that entity's healthcare setting are maintained.

This includes the following:

As you can see, they are quite emphatic about this.  It is interesting to note that they do not address the photography within members of their own family but I expect this will be clarified.  However, it is certain that no residents other than your specific family member must be included in any photography or video.

Again, "welcome to spring".