Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

August 2016

Almost immediately following the end of July, Karen Berger & Diana Crans have scheduled the date for our "Annual Brat/Hot Dog Cookout" Wednesday, August 3rd.  Be sure to set the date aside on your calendar and plan to save that day as we always have a great time with enjoyable entertainment.

Another "save the date" item for you is "Game Day", an open house celebration of the Manor and Heights, together, on Sunday, September 11th.  This is an away game day for the Green Bay Packers and we intend to have TV viewing during the event.  I don't have more information at this point as Jenny Schmidt at the Heights and Bonnie Martin here at the Manor are still "concocting" their plans for our mutual event.  Hope we can have a good turnout for this (and good weather).

As many of you know, skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) must be surveyed (inspected) for compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as for Medicare & Medicaid Certifications, on an approximately annual basis.  As it is intended that we can have no expectation of when such surveys occur, the unannounced surveys are scheduled by regulators for 9- 15 months after the previous survey.  However, sometimes they incur "off cycle", weekends, holidays, off hours, etc., just to be more random and surprising for the facility staff.

The reason I share this survey information with you is because it has now been more than 9 months since our last survey and I want to give everyone a "heads up" that we are now in that "survey window" where we can most certainly expect surveyors during these next six months.  When a survey occurs, for about a week, with a number of surveyors, it is very disruptive for staff, but also sometimes for residents and families with whom they wish to interview and discuss matters.  Sometimes residents and families become uncomfortable as much of this is conducted in an investigatory manner.

My purpose in sharing is to "set your mind at ease".  Although, we don't always agree with the findings, or especially the seriousness of them, our experience is normally quite positive, although it's very rare when nothing is cited during the survey process.  Please feel free to discuss cares and concerns with us, of course, but also with the surveyors, including compliments we hope.  If you have any questions or concerns during the survey process please be sure and let me know.

Most of you know that our Social Worker, Chris Maxwell, retired after ONLY 41 years so we have now finally found a replacement for her.  Please welcome Jenna Hopkins who grew up in Beloit, did her undergraduate work at U.W. Eau Claire, and just finished her Master's program a couple of months ago (so now she only has 41 years to go).

Enjoy the presumably remaining summer season of August as, hard to believe, September is just around the corner.