Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

September 2016

We had a great time at our "Annual Brat/Hot Dog Cookout" in August.  For any family members who missed it, we feel sorry for you and "wish you better luck next year". J 

We want to thank all of the staff who assisted residents, along with volunteers and family members who did so as well.  Our special thanks to Steve and Tony for all the set up and take down of tables and chairs, etc., and to our Dietary staff who bore the brunt of the event that could not have been achieved without FOOD!  Thanks to Harlin Miller for his assistance with the grilling and all the set up and take down that it involved, and to Karen Berger and Diana Crans for organizing and arranging the event (as well as all the work and entertainment involved during the event).  As always, the "danger" in expressing a thank you to people is that one always "forgets" someone.  So to those of you who assisted but I neglected to mention, a special thank you to you.

As mentioned previously, another intended "save the date" item was an open house celebration of the Manor and Heights, together in September.  However, I'm told the intended plans have run into a number of "roadblocks" and conflicts so that event, and that September date, is totally out of the question.  It is hoped that something can be offered as a combined project but the original theme and thoughts on "the project" will need to be significantly revised.  I don't have more information at this point as Jenny Schmidt at the Heights and Bonnie Martin here at the Manor are still "concocting" their plans for a possible mutual event.  So stay tuned and see what develops.  Surprises can be fun. 

I apologize for reiterating this several months in a row, but as many of you know, skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) must be surveyed (inspected) for compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as for Medicare & Medicaid Certifications, on an approximately annual basis.  As it is intended that we can have no expectation of when such surveys occur, the unannounced surveys are scheduled by regulators for 9- 15 months after the previous survey.  However, sometimes they incur "off cycle", weekends, holidays, off hours, etc., just to be more random and surprising for the facility staff.

The reason I share this survey information with you is because it has now been more than 9 months since our last survey and I want to give everyone a "heads up" that we are now in that "survey window" where we can most certainly expect surveyors during these next six months.  When a survey occurs, for about a week, with a number of surveyors, it is very disruptive for staff, but also sometimes for residents and families with whom they wish to interview and discuss matters.  Sometimes residents and families become uncomfortable as much of this is conducted in an investigatory manner.

My purpose in sharing is to "set your mind at ease".  Although, we don't always agree with the findings, or especially the seriousness of them, our experience is normally quite positive, although it's very rare when nothing is cited during the survey process.  Please feel free to discuss cares and concerns with us, of course, but also with the surveyors, including compliments we hope.  If you have any questions or concerns during the survey process please be sure and let me know.

As indicated above, surveys (inspections) occur randomly without notice and earlier this month some of you were involved in discussions with surveyors who conducted such a survey.  This was the result of a "complaint" by a former discharged/terminated employee and any such potential issues must be investigated by surveyors accordingly.  No deficiencies were noted by surveyors, but these additional surveys do not alter the need for, nor do they replace the regular survey, which I referred to earlier. 

Enjoy the presumably remaining summer weather as we enter the beautiful fall season later this month.