Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

December 2016

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and celebrated it properly without being overshadowed by the advent of Christmas coming shortly.  I always remember a dear former resident, Agnes Harms, a retired teacher, who felt that Thanksgiving was a much overlooked holiday because everyone was already focused on Christmas.  I promised her that I would not begin wearing my Christmas neckties until after the Thanksgiving Day weekend, and will continue this tradition in her honor. 

However, by the time you receive this Manor Messenger we will be past the Thanksgiving Holiday and even Agnes would now approve of our Christmas messages to you.  Karen Berger & Diana Crans advise that Santa is scheduled to be here Christmas Eve, just prior "round the world tour", so be sure and be good (at least until then).

By the way, it is my understanding that a "New Year's Eve party" is being scheduled, but I don't know the exact day so "stay tuned".

As many of you know, for many of the past years the Activities Department has participated in a fund raising for the Residents Council by gift wrapping at East Towne and/or West Towne Malls in Madison.  Many staff and volunteers have participated and have been very much appreciated.  Regrettably, the malls have discontinued this practice and, therefore, their Christmas shoppers will have to wrap their own presents.  I have to wonder how this will be welcomed by their customers as I think many count on that service and it is a great inducement to shopping in the malls.  It will be interesting to see if anything changes after this year.

On a more mundane note, I need to remind everyone that holiday decorations must meet regulatory Fire & Safety Codes covering nursing homes.  These limit the quantity of decorations, basically smaller displays, especially those on resident room walls.  Nothing is permitted on resident room doors, including the use of wreath hangers or items hung on the door latching hardware (door knobs).  The use of any extension cords, multiple type plug adapters, power strips, or the "daisy chaining" of lights is NOT permitted.  Greenery cut from real plants, such as wreaths or boughs, are not permitted and those that are artificial must be flame retardant AND labeled accordingly.  There are probably even more rules that I have forgotten to include…Sheesh, but you get the idea.

To reiterate from the previous month's message, Medicare open enrollment ends December 7th, in case anyone is planning on making such a change.  As a cautionary note, a number of people have elected a Medicare Replacement "Advantage" Part C plan, which replaces the traditional Medicare Parts A, B, & D.  Although this does provide some of the similar coverages, usually at a reduced monthly premium rate, these Medicare Replacement "Advantage" Part C plans do not provide the identical coverage of traditional Medicare and many insured's are "unpleasantly surprised" at the reduced coverage periods, additional deductible and co-pay differences, as well as somewhat frequent denial of coverage in many instances when the need is deemed necessary and/or could have been covered under traditional Medicare.  Our experience here at Evansville Manor is consistent with reports from others throughout Wisconsin.  Residents and families of those whom we have served have expressed concerns and confusion, ESPECIALLY WITH HUMANA and United Health Care policies, among others.

If you have, or contemplate electing coverage of a Medicare Replacement "Advantage" Plan (Part C), be sure that you understand the differences in coverage, and especially, the deductibles and co-pays, as well as the risk of coverage denial, and for coverage following post-acute hospital care.

As always each month at this time of the year, I need to remind everyone to be sure and get influenza vaccinated, especially prior to visiting our residents, and also especially for children.  Anyone exhibiting respiratory distress symptoms, or if in contact with those who are, should refrain from visiting.  If anything is questionable, or if someone has not been vaccinated for any reason, they should mask, covering both the mouth and nose, when in the building.

It should also be noted that any gastrointestinal distress symptoms (often call stomach flu) should also be addressed in the same above manner as indicated for influenza.  AND "ALWAYS WASH THOSE HANDS"!

As has been suggested previously, we are including a listing of the employees who will celebrate Evansville Manor employment dates during this coming month. We, therefore, want to acknowledge all of those employees accordingly and you will find the current month's personnel in the attached.  Congratulations to all.  We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to us and our residents.

Have a great December and I want to personally wish everyone a Merry Christmas, although a little early at present.