Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

June 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day to the fullest AND we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.  Both of our sons were gone, one lives in North Carolina with a wife and our grandson, while the other (we're still looking for a wife for him) was on a trip to Montana to pick up a relative who is in college and bring him home for the summer.  Our son, the student's father, and another took about 10 days to do this so they could combine fishing in Montana and Wyoming on the way back.  One apparently has to have their priorities, and Mother's Day isn't one of them, this year at least (of course, there was the necessity of getting the returning student, and all his "stuff" back to Wisconsin).

Meanwhile, back to Mother's Day.  Since my wife and I were without child, except for our cat, Ginger.  We packed up, Ginger too, and with our picnic lunch went to Horicon Marsh on a bird sighting expedition.  This is a special annual event there on Mother's Day each year and have done so several times previously.  We always stop at the Visitors Center where they often hold workshops and birding discussions, etc., but we didn't even consider anything but a quick stop there this time as we wanted to get back outside and see what we could sight on our own. 

The Marsh boardwalk is being replaced, as we knew from previous visits, so this regrettably currently remains inaccessible.  Therefore, however, it was uncrowded and provided a nice quiet spot for our lunch.  We circumnavigated the three and one-half mile drive of that area and all of the ins and outs of the Marsh circumference.  Of course the Canada Geese, with all of their goslings, were abundant and very enjoyable to watch.  All in all, we recorded 27 different species of birds, ducks, the Tundra Swan, and a large flock of White Pelicans (actually they are called pods, but I still call them flocks, and if you're an avid birder you'll have to forgive me).

It was very nice to have guests here for Mother's Day to eat with residents.  We had 20.  However, it's extremely important that we have prior arrangements made, a week in advance, AND directly with the Dietary Department, so appropriate and sufficient food is ordered for the occasion.  Similarly, knowing who is going out for the day in advance is very helpful.  Somehow, we will try to achieve a better success at this next year, or the next holiday, even with our staff who had apparently forgotten some of our protocols.

On to June, "SUMMER IS HERE", later this month.  Although we have had some of that weather, it hasn't seemed to last, at least thus far at the time of this writing.  But I know it will.  And, of course, don't forget Father's Day.  Perhaps not as important as Mother's Day but an "event" just the same.  Also, May and June seem to be full of graduations and for some reason, and as occasionally happens, I seem to have more than the usual this year.

As most of you know, we are a non-governmental community project and operate with a board of directors, made up of community members.  As I think back on the organizations history, there are only four original founders remaining, Arnold and Beth Willis, and Bob & Carla Heimerl.  As required by the bylaws of the corporation, the annual meeting of all of those who are shareholders was recently held and the board of directors was elected for the 2017 – 2018 year.  They are Steve Eager, Jay Thomsen, Walter Shannon, Margaret Brigham, Matt Brown, Harold Abey, Jr., and Barbara Willoughby.   It was noted that John Decker who had served on the board for 10 years, but has continued to serve as the Secretary of the board an additional two years, has now decided to retire on June 1st.  He was thanked and commended for his dedicated service accordingly. 

It might also be noted that he also served as our general counsel and, therefore, participated in some operational aspects for us, such as consulting in human resources, our survey (inspection) procedures, Administrative Council, and Quality Assurance activities.  He will be missed by us for these involvements as well.

As has been suggested previously, we are including a listing of the employees who will celebrate Evansville Manor employment dates during this coming month. We, therefore, want to acknowledge all of those employees accordingly and you will find the current month's personnel in the attached.  Congratulations to all.  We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to us and our residents.

Have a great summer and if this is the beginning of the "vacation season" for you, enjoy that as well.