Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

August 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed the Independence Day Fourth of July.  It was a great parade that flowed through our parking lot and the sidewalks were full for the event.  And we even had perfect weather.

As I mentioned last month, for us here at Evansville Manor, this year, because of the timing of the last state and federal survey (inspection), July brought with it the beginning of what we commonly refer to as our "survey window".   It might be a little early to address the issue of our "annual" recertification survey by the Department of Quality Assurance (DQA) of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), but this year our "window" for this event runs from July 11th to January 11th, although they have occasionally been known to survey outside the regulatory imposed dates.  An inspection survey by Wisconsin Health Officials for licensure, Federal Medicaid, and Medicare Certifications is required to be completed within 9 – 15 months from the date of the last survey. This is a "wide window" during a significant time frame in order to assure that it will be a "surprise" visit and so that a facility does not operate or staff differently in preparation for their inspection. Because the dates are unknown, I will include this information each month until survey so that newer residents, family members, and staff are similarly aware. For those who might see this information duplicated, I apologize in advance for my redundancy.

I always like to include this survey information in our newsletter for residents and family members (and also for staff) so they are aware of these surveyor visits. Surveyors not only include interviews and observation of the care and treatment of all of the residents but also include contacting and interviewing a number of resident family members. I want to encourage everyone to be open and comfortable with them during the survey process. It is a time when staff is put in very stressful situations, especially since the occasion is completely unplanned and requires significant time consumption while they are still attempting to provide care during the course of their normal duties. Please make allowances for their ability to timely respond during survey times.

The survey process normally takes the best part of a week with multiple surveyors that might even change from day to day. Subsequent survey paperwork will usually take another week or two with any applicable noted requirements that might involve our need to take corrective action.  All of this and the results of the survey are always shared with everyone.  Documents of the prior survey last November are located in the facility lobby.

Also, as indicated previously, on a more "fun note", Karen Berger & Diana Crans, have arranged our "annual Resident/Family picnic and cookout" where we serve bratwurst and hot dogs prepared on the grill by our "special chefs of the day", Harlin Miller and myself.  So if you're feeling sufficiently safe with the potential risks involved, please be sure and save Wednesday, August 2nd, for that event.  It is my understanding the arranged entertainment will be by "Feather River".  If you want more information on that you will need to discuss it with Karen or Diana.

Have a great month before we start thinking about autumn next month.