Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

From the Administrator

April 2018

The first quarter of the year has already come and gone.  April is a full month of activities for my family and me, as I am sure for yours as well.  In April we will be celebrating Easter, April fools, my god daughter's big 16th birthday, Badger football spring game (of course), Marvin's (my son) 4th birthday and my husband and I's 8th wedding anniversary.  To say it will be busy will be an understatement.   
This time of year also brings the annual Spring cleaning checklist out of the cobwebs for my family as well.  It has been said, that spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter.  With that, I want to remind everyone on their next visit with their family/friend to complete a Spring cleaning of their room.  Winter clothes and jackets can be packed away and placed in the back of the closets, while summer clothes can be brought to the front.  This is a good time to also purge some of those older clothes that do not fit any more after the holidays.  Please also remember to check any drawers for leftover holiday food/candy, holiday decorations or any other clutter that may not be wanted or necessary to have in the room during the summer. 
I also want to formally thank and acknowledge Debbie Schneider for all of her hard work, dedication and years of service to Evansville Manor.  For those that do not know already, Debbie has decided to step down and retire from the Manor.  We will deeply miss her, wish her the best and hope she will come by for a visit often. Thank you again from all of us at Evansville Manor for everything you have done!

Have a great month and Happy Easter!