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From the Administrator

July 2018

The summer is starting to heat up and become very busy.  July brings us the celebration of our country with picnics, parades and everyone's favorite, fireworks!

Fourth of July or Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.  The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, The United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire.  The Congress actually voted to declare independence two days earlier on July 2, however, Congress debated and revised the wording of the Declaration, finally approving it two days later on July 4th.  A day earlier, John Adams had written to his wife Abigail about how the second day of July, 1776 will be the most memorable period in the history of America.  He believed that it would be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival including, pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, bonfires and illuminations.  He believed it would be celebrated from one end of the country to the other from that day forward!

Adam's prediction was off by two days, but Americans celebrated independence on July 4th, the date shown on the Declaration of Independence, rather than on July 2nd, the date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress.

Coincidentally, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence later to serve as Presidents of The United States, died on the same day July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration.  Although not a signer of the Declaration of Independence, James Monroe, another Founding Father who was elected as President, also died on July 4th, 1831.  He was the third President who died on the anniversary of independence. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president, has been the only president so far to be born on Independence Day, July 4, 1872.

I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!  I hope everyone enjoys the day with their families and friends!

Just as a friendly reminder we will be having our annual family picnic on August 2nd starting at 12pm. Music will be provided after we eat from Wild River Band in the living room. Those wishing to come please be sure to contact our Dietary Department directly at 608.882.9017 and leave a voice mail with a return phone number if no one is available.  It is important that we have reservations by the end of July so we can order sufficient quantities of food.