Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Services

Short-Term Rehabilitation Stay

For people who need a transition between hospital care and taking care of themselves at home, our short-term inpatient rehabilitation program is the solution. Generally, people who have a short-term rehab stay at our center are recovering from a surgery, accident or illness, and benefit from physical, occupational or speech therapy services.

At Evansville Manor, short-stay patients can relax and recover while receiving care and rehabilitation services. Our onsite rehab therapists help patients achieve their potential and then return to their homes and communities. We also have an extensive outpatient therapy program to augment and supplement the in-patient program. For example, our physical, occupational and speech therapists make "house calls" at The Heights at Evansville Manor, the community's newest assisted living facility. It's a convenient service, enabling residents to enjoy the benefits of therapy from a local provider.

Our friendly, professional therapists and technicians work as a team to create a customized program for each patient. Programs often involve more than one therapy session in a day, at a pace designed to enhance abilities without inhibiting healing.

What therapy programs are offered?

Physical therapy addresses musculoskeletal and neurological issues including joints, muscles, bones, nerves and spine. Therapists teach the skills needed to achieve optimum functional mobility, as well as health, wellness and injury prevention strategies.

Occupational therapy addresses the skills needed to perform daily activities at home, work, and in the community. Therapists teach adaptive skills, how to use assistive devices, how to simplify processes, and how to improve mobility, range of motion and endurance.

Speech therapy addresses the abilities to communicate and interact with others. Therapists focus on restoring skills such as listening/hearing, speaking and writing, and, as well overcoming swallowing disorders and breathing/respiratory problems.

In addition, specialty programs address joint replacement, balance and falls prevention, pain control, low vision, cognitive evaluation, management of lymphedema (swelling in arms or legs), and home assessment and treatment, among others.

The inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services program at Evansville Manor is conducted by GL Rehabilitation Services. A certified rehabilitation agency, GL Rehabilitation Services has a skillful, professional team of physical, occupational and speech therapists and therapy assistants treating clients of all ages. More than 20 years of experience covers settings ranging from outpatient clinics to senior living campuses. Services are offered seven days a week, and most insurances are accepted including Medicare, Medical Assistance, Workers Compensation, Unity, Physicians Plus, Mercy Care and private pay.

Evansville Manor opened its doors in 1971 and immediately set a new standard in nursing home care. We were the first to offer full-service, in-house rehabilitation services, later emulated by other nursing homes. The Manor also is the only certified Veteran's facility in Rock County.