Evansville Manor: Skilled Healthcare & Rehabilitation


You have the most compassionate and caring staff. My father is treated with respect and it is always comforting to not have to worry about his care. All nursing homes could learn by the example you set.

— Hank Hawkinson

We cannot say enough about the thoughtful, considerate, professional care my husband received at Evansville Manor. Everyone from the physical therapists, nurses, LPN's, CNA's, dietary staff, housekeeping, social work, activities and administration did everything they could to make his stay more pleasant. The quality of care is exceptional.

— Ken and Ellen Kitelinger

Your staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make Laura's day more pleasant.

— Ruth and Laura Braatz

The nursing aids at Evansville Manor are truly God's angels on earth.

— Toni Coats

I always appreciate the staff's patience in answering all of my questions and keeping me informed of the things happening with my mother. The entire nursing staff is always helpful and attentive and involving myself and my wife in my dad's daily activities makes us feel like we're "part of the family."

— Don and Nancy Steckbauer

We knew Evansville Manor had a very good reputation...but the care that you provided for our father and the friendship and service provided to our mother exceeded all of our expectations.

— Thomas R. Boguszewski

I am always in awe at not only the care given to the residents, but also how you really genuinely care about them. You don't know (or maybe you do) how much easier it is on our family to know that our loved ones are really taken care of.

— Bob O'Neill

We know our father was is not always the easiest resident to take care of and for that, we want to let you all know how grateful we are for your steadfast patience and caring.

— Diane & Terry Allen and Steve & Mary Leeder

We will forever be grateful for the wonderful care given to our Dad. My life was touched by each and every caregiver and the compassion and dignity they extended to my Dad during his stay. We always felt at home in the warm and friendly atmosphere provided.

— Chuck, Cathy and Bill

Every one of you with whom I came in contact with during my two week rehabilitation stay is a "real pro" at what you do. The result of your effort is really seen in the first rate care of your residents. During my stay, I did not encounter a single person with anything less than a great attitude and above and beyond performance that I am certain resulted first hand in my speedy recovery.

— Eivind Jensen

Congratulations on your 30 years of caring services and your well deserved recognition from the State of Wisconsin. You create as close to a home setting for your residents as you possibly can. Your personal attention to detail and care and service is very evident. The warmth and loving personalities of the staff as they interact with the residents, family and visitors is visible to all.

— Joan Leicht

Thank you for the excellent care you give to my dad. A year ago he did not want to live because he knew we could not take care of him at home any longer. Now, each day he is clean, well dressed, and spends warm days sitting outside enjoying the birds and the company of his friends. There is always music playing and activities in the Activity Center and who can help but notice the smell of fresh baked cookies throughout the halls. The facility is immaculate, the food is delicious, and everyone is always friendly and responds quickly to the resident's needs. It's clear why you have such a great reputation.

— Mary Upson-Williams

Our deep thanks for the wonderful care you give to our Aunt Ella. Ella is able to live out this part of life among people who go above and beyond usual expectations to see that her days are as comfortable and pleasant as could be. We appreciate that you understand her individuality, making it possible for her to enjoy a lifestyle that brings her joy and fulfillment.

— Ruth Marty

The care given to my mom at Evansville Manor is first class. Thank you for always remembering that she is a real person. Thank you for caring for her with dignity and respect. Thank you for valuing her and honoring the light of God within her. Thank you for becoming a part of our family.

— Celia

It is obvious that you maintain high standards at Evansville Manor, requiring human kindness as well as professionalism from all those you employ. This is why Evansville Manor ranks 'superior' in nursing home facility choices. With heartfelt appreciation from our family.

— Mary Kramer

The overall professionalism and individual attention, extended not only to the residents, but to their families is what stands out in my mind about the Manor. It's not possible to put into words the depth of my appreciation for all that was done for Jim during his stay at the Manor. The feeling of security I had just knowing Jim was being cared for is invaluable. You were always so patient in explaining and listening to me and my family and we just want to say, “thank you.”

— Gloria Gardner & Family

Evansville Manor Skilled Healthcare and Rehabilitation is one of the finest assisted living facilities I have ever seen...and I've seen a few in my day! All of the employees could not be more accommodating and kinder. You should all be so proud!

— Kathleen Carroll

We will always be grateful for the wonderful care you gave to Mary over the past years. Your care, concern and devotion to the welfare and happiness of Mary was always evident to our family. In a time when the world seems too unconcerned, you can be proud of yourselves for taking your work seriously and giving your best effort day in and day out. Evansville Manor is just a really good place to be!

— Dick and Sue Moriarty & Family

It is reassuring for us to know that Dorothy is being given gentle and caring attention. This is evident by her personal appearance, your staff letting our family know when she is out of Dr. Pepper and the beautiful flower corsage she wore on her birthday. The miles that separate us from Dorothy make it difficult for us to give her as much attention as we would like. We truly appreciate the acts of kindness given to her in our absence. Your staff's high level of performance just shows a true commitment to their profession and the residents living there.

— Norm and Nancy Hoesly